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Current Projects
  1. Rural Decentralized Water System Program:  Seven Rivers received a $200,000 grant from USDA Rural Development  This very successful program, beginning in 2010, assisted 22 low income homeowners install or improve well systems by financing the well or repairs at 1% interest for up to 10 years. An additional 127 wells have been added since we started with this program. This year of 2021 we will be adding septic systems replaced or repaired to the program. This grant will help low-income families with replacing or repair wells or septic systems for better health and the environment.

  2. USDA Rural Development Pomegranate Project:  Seven Rivers was awarded $150,000 Rural Business Enterprise Grant to purchase and Aril Extractor from Israel. The equipment arrived in 2015 and is housed in Pierce County. This project affects Southeast Georgia and Northern Florida.

  3. Big Satilla Creek 319: Seven Rivers secured a grant through  EPD, Water Protection Branch for the Upper Big Satilla Creek 319 project The total project is $456,335.00 and includes Jeff Davis, Appling & Bacon Counties.

  4. Team Agriculture GA:  partnered with Seven Rivers RC&D to hold the Spring 2014 Workshop in Coffee County for small, beginning and limited resource farmers. Topics such as grazing management, organic certification, financing, olive production, farm bill updates were addressed. TAG also partnered with Seven Rivers RC&D and Upper Ocmulgee River RC&D Council to sponsor a Multi-Cultural Sustainability Agriculture Conference held in Perry. Seven Rivers was awarded a $27,000 Outreach Grant through NRCS to fund these projects.

  5. Altamaha River Partnership:   Seven Rivers continues to serve as ARP’s home base for permanent records and   bookkeeping services. ARP launched the new smartphone river app that includes maps, information on landings, visitor info, outfitters, events and emergency information. Also a “Q” code and cards are being developed.


 7.  Circle of Diamonds: Seven Rivers applied and received recertification to the distinguished Circle of Diamonds program

      through the National Association of RC&D Councils.


 8.  Equipment: Seven Rivers has four grain drills and two native warm season grass drills for rent along with a plastic bedding

      machine and two utility trailers. A Pasture Aerator. For more information, visit the "equipment" tab.


 9.  The 2021 Conservation Production System Conference: will be November 4, 2021 in Douglas, GA.


 10. Better Backroads, Dirt & Gravel Workshop: to be announced at a later date.


11. 17 Mile Creek 319 Plan: Seven Rivers secured a grant through EPD, Water Protection Branch for the 17 Mile River 319 Plan.              The project  includes Coffee, Atkinson and Ware Counties.

12.  Rural Business Development Grant: With this grant Seven Rivers purchased a blueberry dehydrator to dry blueberries             and other fruits for the market place.

13.  Feral Swine Workshops: Seven Rivers held a workshop for Feral Swine on Aug. 17, 2021 and one on Aug. 19, 2021 with six          additional ones later.

14.  AFF Burn Trailer Grant: Seven River now has a burn trailer and equipment for rent.


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