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Training and Certifications
Erosion & Sediment Control Training 

In 2003, HB285 amended the Georgia Erosion and Sediment Control Act of 1975. These amendements included a groundbreaking mandatory certification program for all individuals involved in land disturbing activities in Georgia. The new Georgia Erosion and Sedimentation Control Law states that all persons involved in land distrubing activities must be trained and state certified no later than December 31, 2015. Depending on your level of involvement in the land disturbing process, several of your employees will probably need to attend a Level 1A or Level 1B course and successfully pass a formal examination. 


As of Devember 31, 2015, you are required to have at least one person on-site from each entity involved with land disturbing activity, who is certified bythe Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission. 

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